ICED Widow


Female Seeds

Everyone's after fire, but we say ICE wins out every single time - especially when you're talking ICED Widow. This White Widow/ICE hybrid is an Indica lover's wet dream with copious resin, compact size, maximum power & yields that are off the hook. What'cha waiting for? This is most definitely a must-have!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Power-Packed F1 Hybrid
  • Maximum Resin X 10
  • Impressive Yields
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Product Details

A Full-Bodied F1 White Widow X ICE Hybrid!


Now, that's a recipe for guaranteed goodness! A product of two bona-fide resin factories, ICED Widow is a compact powerhouse with ginormous yields, awe-inspiring potency & a super-rapid 55-day finish. You can't beat that with a bushel of green bananas!

  • Compact, Rocky & Fast - Perfect for those Smaller Spaces
  • Tastes & Smells Like Fuely Diesel & Sweet Hash - Yowza!
  • Female Seeds Latest & Greatest Indica

According to Female Seeds, ICED Widow Seeds are a must-buy for all Indica lovers, & we have to agree. From her incredible speed to her insanely thick resin to her hard-working nature, these feminized seeds should have a big, green "I" stamped right across their little bums. After all, ICE does stand for Indica Crystal Extreme!

Welcome to Gorilla Seeds - the home of the cheapest & best marijuana seeds on Earth. Once The Gorilla scrapes Female Seeds ICED Widow's goo off his fuzzy mitts, he'll get back to beating down his network of award-winning breeders until they drop the prices on their best cannabis seeds even more!

Grab Your ICED Widow Cannabis Seeds Now & Chill!

NB: This description is based on the original Iced Widow review created by Female Seeds. It describes the mother & not the marijuana seeds sold on this site.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics ICE X White Widow
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC Strong
Height notes 60 to 80 cm
Flavour Diesel & Hash
Aroma Diesel & Hash
Yield Good
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
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