British Outdoor Mix

Create Your Own Personal Oasis with British Outdoor Mix!

Feminised Seeds

Discover the power of five potent strains developed specifically for challenging climates when you add British Outdoor Mix to your lineup. These cannabis seeds are as hardy as they come & prepared to take anything that bad weather can dish out. You can’t get these beans anywhere but British Outdoor Mix!
  • Feminised Seeds
  • Random Mix
  • Hardy Outdoor Strains
  • Top Quality - Extreme Value!
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Product Details

Nothing's Better for Northern Latitudes!

The British Outdoor Mix delivers your very own cannabis jungle in the midst of the cool and often unforgiving climates. This brave collection of cannabis seeds is ready to fight the rain, the fog and those raiding monkeys from across the channel!

This strain was named buy an a group of guys from the UK - hence name 'British Outdoor Mix'

To confuse those beasties, your new BFFs are exclusive members of the British Outdoor Mix Feminized club. A dedicated crew, these seeds don't go anywhere without the rest of their power-packing posse. It'll be an all-female free for all before you know it!

  • 5 Brill Strains!
  • Extra-hardy and Mould Resistant - No Sick Days for these Babies!
  • Indica and/or Sativa - Anything Is Possible In This Random Mix
  • A Monster Bang for Tiny Change!
  • Totally Random & UNLABELED - Ready for a Pleasant Surprise?

Don't forget - you can't get the weed seeds in the British Outdoor Mix anywhere else! They're not included in any other sampler & Feminised Seeds doesn't sell them individually. Yes, that means they're not rocking any cool names like Super Stinky Gorilla Gonads or Killer Kush from Mars, but that's OK. You collect 'em, you name 'em!

Every set of British Outdoor Mix Cannabis Seeds comes with The Gorilla's personal promise of discreet handling and personal service.

To make sure you're never bothered by those raiding monkeys, he'll assign one of his own lackeys to hand-hold your package from the time he packs it until way after it reaches your door! Your satisfaction is always our top priority!

Get Hardy British Outdoor Mix Cannabis Seeds Now!

NB: Remember, every bean in the British Outdoor Mix is only meant for your collection. They won’t look like this description, and it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate your new cannabis seeds in the UK.

Don't forget - you're getting a great deal on these outstanding outdoor seeds, but they are a random selection & they're not labeled. That means you will not know exactly what you have until the very end. Fair warning!


Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Random Unlabeled Seeds
Mix Packs Yes
The British Outdoor Mix is the hardiest set of cannabis seeds sold under the Feminised Seeds label. This Spanish breeder is known in the UK and throughout the rest of the world for their high levels of quality & power. In many cases, the THC levels are well past 20% & the yields are just as impressive. Buy your genuine Feminised Seeds today!