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Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized

And You Thought GDP Couldn't Get Any Better!

Even Ken Estes said it would never happen, but here they are - a 100% feminized version of the most popular dispensary strain ever released. Get your 100% Feminized Granddaddy Purple Seeds today!

  • Bright Purple & Neon Green
  • 8 to 9 Weeks, Huge Flowers
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These Ladies are Major Sell-Outs!

With strains like Candyland, Grandpa Larry & Phantom Cookies, Ken Este's Original Grand Daddy Purps brand is always in high demand at Gorilla Seeds, and they sell out on the regular, but the rate at which those standard seeds move won't even come close to comparing to the predicted popularity of their new feminized seeds line!

  • Includes Only the Best Cali Genetics!
  • Fan Favourites & Forum Super Stars
  • Leading the Way Since 2003!

For 2017, Ken's starting things off right by feminizing his signature Original Granddaddy Purp strain. He kept this development under tight wraps and we were as surprised as anyone when these ladies breezed through our doors just a few weeks ago. We're expecting more feminized seeds from this brand any day now, but don't wait to pick up a pack of these GDP Feminized Seeds. They could be gone in a flash of purple goodness!

Just because Ken dipped his toe in a new pool, it doesn't mean we're giving up on his magnificent line of regular seeds. Big G plans on stocking all those bad-ass beans as long as he can get his hairy mitts on them - including the non-feminized Original Grand Daddy Purps. Did you expect anything less?

Get All Your Grand Daddy Purp Feminized Seeds Right Here!

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