Grand Daddy Purp Feminized

Granddaddy Just Got His Groove Back!

Granddaddy's getting his groove on with a whole new set of lovely feminized genetics, starting with the super-sexy Original Granddaddy Purps Feminized Seeds. These are some of the world's most popular cannabis seeds, bar none. Don't miss out!Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK unless you have an appropriate license issued from the home office. However,We Sell Seeds for genetic collection and storage of cannabis genetics in seed form only. Information on cannabis seeds is for information purposes only and describes the cannabis genetics only, it is not intended to encourage anyone to cultivate cannabis or illegal and/or controlled substances.

What Lady Doesn't Look Hot in Purple? Get Your GDP Now!

  • America's Favourite Strains!
  • GDP Now - More to Come
  • Do Not Germinate
  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • Brand New for 2017!
Grand Daddy Purp Feminized
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Mainly Sativa
Indica 100%
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