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Don't Get Stuck in Molasses Swamp!

This CandyLand is a sweet treat for all the playas out there. It'll relax your body, lift your mood & get you in the party spirit, making it a powerful general purpose MMJ seed with up to 19% THC.

  • Bay Platinum Cookies X Grand Daddy Purple
  • 75% Sativa with High Yields & Fast Finishes
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Grandpa Larry

Over-the-Hill Never Felt So Good!

Grandpa Larry might sound old-school, but no dust is settling on this Larry OG Kush X Grand Daddy Purps blend. This is a fresh, new strain for 2015 with incredible power!

  • A Purple OG of the Highest Quality
  • Heavy Frost, Intense Lemon-Funk Aroma
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Ken's Kush

So Good Ken Named It After Himself!

Ken's Kush is the absolute best of the best if you're looking for medicinal grade smoke. It's get up & get moving herb with a crisp, clear pine flavour & absolutely no aftertaste.

  • Coated in Dense, Frosty, Deep Green Golfballs
  • Highly Potent - Prefers Organics
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Original Grand Daddy Purp

No - That's Not Photoshopped!

No other strain shines like the one & only Original Grand Daddy Purps. GDP is requested 6 times more often than any other MMJ in California collectives.

  • Sparkling Purple with Touches of Neon Green
  • A Royal Indica - Perfect for Relaxing, Restful Nights
Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized thumbnail

Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized

And You Thought GDP Couldn't Get Any Better!

Even Ken Estes said it would never happen, but here they are - a 100% feminized version of the most popular dispensary strain ever released. Get your 100% Feminized Granddaddy Purple Seeds today!

  • Bright Purple & Neon Green
  • 8 to 9 Weeks, Huge Flowers
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Phantom Cookies

The Flavour ... The Yield ... The Power!

Phantom Cookies is a triple threat with a sweet, cookie dough flavour, up to 2 lb yields & toxic THC levels that can reach as high as a full 23%. Yowza!

  • Two-Toned Green with Dots of Bright Purple
  • Mostly Sativa - Potent Medicinal Strain
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Catpiss & Jack Herer Genetics!

To create Snowcap, Grand Daddy Purp got down & dirty with Jack Herer & Catpiss. This is a fast Sativa that smells of lemon pine-sol & cool menthol.

  • Snow White (Catpiss X Jack Herer) X Catpiss
  • Tingly & Fast Acting - Euphoric & Energetic
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Latest Grand Daddy Purp review

Grandpa Larry

Jason ChIasson, 16 February 2018

Grand Daddy Purps - Not Your Typical Seedbank!

Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purp's fame is not your typical rock-star pollen chucker. This compassionate breeder created an entire business because he was tired of seeing fellow MMJ patients getting ripped off by inferior copies of his super-popular signature cannabis seed.

  • Genuine Mediceutical Strains Designed by Ken Estes
  • Indicas, Sativas & Insanely Good Hybrids
  • Filling Cali Dispensaries Since 2003!

In addition to selling an outrageously good line of super-potent cannabis seeds that deliver complete satisfaction on every single level from physical beauty to decadent flavour to earth-shattering, life-changing effects, Ken & the entire Grand Daddy Purp's clan advocates for MMJ patient rights. This is much more than a business for this crew - it's their reason for living!

The Gorilla might look a little rough around the edges, but he's a big sweetie just like our man Ken. Don't think it's true? Just check out our prices on these amazing medical seeds! A real hard-ass would never sell these babies so cheap - or get them out the door so fast.

Why Settle for Less than the Very Best? Buy Your Grand Daddy Purps Seeds Today!

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