Grand Daddy Purp

Who's Your Grand Daddy?

Ken Estes founded Grand Daddy Purp in 2003 to do more than sell the most fabulous cannabis seeds on the planet. This conscientious dude wanted to spread the word about these genetics & to ensure those who collect outstanding genetics tcan preserve them for ever long. Buy Your Grand Daddy Purp Strains for Less Today! Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK unless you have an appropriate license issued from the home office. However,We Sell Seeds for genetic collection and storage of cannabis genetics in seed form only. Information on cannabis seeds is for information purposes only and describes the cannabis genetics only, it is not intended to encourage anyone to cultivate cannabis or illegal and/or controlled substances.

  • Grade-A American Genetics
  • Strictly Regular Seeds
  • Do Not Germinate
  • Top Genetics
  • Extremely Popular
Grand Daddy Purp
Cup Winner
Mainly Indica
Mainly Sativa
Indica 100%
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Grand Daddy Purps - Not Your Typical Seedbank!

Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purp's fame is not your typical rock-star pollen chucker. This compassionate breeder created an entire business because he was tired of seeing fellow MMJ patients getting ripped off by inferior copies of his super-popular signature cannabis seed.

  • Genuine Mediceutical Strains Designed by Ken Estes
  • Indicas, Sativas & Insanely Good Hybrids
  • Filling Cali Dispensaries Since 2003!

In addition to selling an outrageously good line of super-potent cannabis seeds that deliver complete satisfaction on every single level from physical beauty to decadent flavour to earth-shattering, life-changing effects, Ken & the entire Grand Daddy Purp's clan advocates for MMJ patient rights. This is much more than a business for this crew - it's their reason for living!

The Gorilla might look a little rough around the edges, but he's a big sweetie just like our man Ken. Don't think it's true? Just check out our prices on these amazing medical seeds! A real hard-ass would never sell these babies so cheap - or get them out the door so fast.

Why Settle for Less than the Very Best? Buy Your Grand Daddy Purps Seeds Today!