Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized

The Most Requested Dispensary Strain, Bar None!

Grand Daddy Purp

Original Grand Daddy Purps Feminized is a true legend, and that's no exaggeration! She's a real piece of eye-candy, and the strong grapey aroma will definitely reach out and grab you, but GDP's real beauty lies in her physically relaxing Indica stone that totally erases every bit of stress for utter & complete chill. Perfect bud formation is a definite bonus!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • In High Demand!
  • Glittery Purple Buds
  • Mostly Indica - Relaxing
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Product Details

100% Feminized & Predicted to Sell Out Fast!

Of all the weed seeds Big G sells, Original Granddaddy Purp sells out faster than any other, and that means that this 100% feminized version will probably do the same. Don't miss this chance to get your hands on the real deal, without the hassle of gender identification. When that "buy" button goes dim, this killer may never show up again!

  • GDP Finally Available as a 100% Feminized Seed!
  • Bright, Glittery Purple Colours at the End
  • Big, Perfectly Formed Buds - High Quality
  • One of the Best & Most In-Demand Strains Ever!

Just like the standard seeds, Original Granddaddy Purp Feminized Seeds are as much about beauty as they are power! This is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive Indicas you'll ever see - genetically purple and heavily dusted with more sugary glitter than you ever thought possible. It's no wonder GDP is the most imitated strain ever!

With Original Granddaddy Purps Feminized, you won't get the biggest yields, but you will get top-quality flowers! The bud structure is as close to perfect as it gets, making for an easy & fast trim - and who doesn't love that. If you're into medical seeds, GDP is the gold-standard according to a bajillion dispensary customers for pain, appetite and a restful night's sleep. Order your ganja seeds today - you will not be disappointed!

Get Your Deliciously Feminized Granddaddy Purps Seeds Now!

Regular Original Grand Daddy Purp will still be available as long as we can get them!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Original Grand Dadivy Purp
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Pain, Sleep, Appetite
Flavour Sweet, Grapey
Aroma Sweet, Grapey
Yield Average
Mainly Indica Yes
Ken Estes didn't want to form one of the best seed companies on the US West Coast - he was forced too! So many people copied his Grand Daddy Purp, he was compelled to form his own company centered around this strain to save people from wasting their money on disappointing copycats. You have to respect that! Now, Ken has a whole line of totally unique & and outstanding new seeds that will blow your mind & curl your toes. Order your Original Grand Daddy Purp seeds today!