Blue Dream CBD

The Best Traits of Original Blue Dream Combined with the Benefits of CBD!

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds mixed original Blue Dream with California Orange CBD in just the right proportions to keep Blue Dream's best traits while adding all the many benefits of CBD. With 10% THC and 10% CBD, there is a noticeable high for those with low tolerance levels. It's pleasantly euphoric, clear minded and full of energy, perfectly acceptable for daytime use.
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Product Details

Perfectly Even THC to CBD Ratio Plus Blue Dream's Incredible Taste!

Many believe that THC and CBD have a synergistic effect that resultes in the highest level of desired benefits, so an even THC to CBD ratio (meaning the percentages are equal or nearly so) is often recommended for the best results. Blue Dream CBD seeds fit that bill along with keeping all the most popular features of the original strain. This includes amazing colors like purple, blue and silver when the flowers are exposed to cold night air. This medical-grade seed tastes like pungent berries, sweet citrus and spicy pepper.

  • Blue Dream CBD Flowering Time = 63-70 Days
  • 10% CBD & 10% THC - Very Mild Euphoria
  • Like Original Blue Dream But With CBD's Benefits
  • Very Functional - Perfect for Those with Low Tolerance

By the time Blue Dream CBD feminized is fully mature (63-70 days of bloom), she'll be topped with massive colas that are completely coated with a heavy layer of resin crystals. Indoors, yields peak out at 600 gr/m2 with outdoors seeing up to 3 full kilos each. That truly impressive yield comes with an equally impressive height. These blue-hued CBD seeds can get as tall as 4 meters. Train them well indoors or let them go wild outside!

Blue Dream CBD is only Mildly Psychoactive - Perfect for MMJ and Low Tolerance

NB: Even though these cannabis seeds are very low in THC, a Blue Dream CBD grow would still be illegal in the UK. That's why Gorilla Seeds sells these and all other products as collectible souvenirs.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blue Dream X California Orange CBD
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC Minimal
THC notes 10% THC
Medical Yes
Height Info tall
Height notes 3-4 Meters
Flavour Sweet & Fruity - Citrus, Berry, Pepper
Aroma Sweet & Fruity - Citrus, Berry, Pepper
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 400-600 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield 2000-3000 gr/seed
Greenhouse Yes
Humboldt Seeds is a highly respected vendor located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle with access to an extremely high number of elite breeders. This is the home to many impressive legendary strains like OG Kush, Blue Dream, Green Crack & the killer Trainwreck. You'll also find some newer mixes in this exclusive collection. If you're looking for authentic genetics, your search is over! Buy your genuine Humboldt Seeds today.