Green Crack

Cali's Most Infamous Cash Cropper!

Humboldt Seeds

Once NoCal's best-kept secret, Green Crack is taking over the world. This near-addictive Sativa delivers massive yields of tight, dense buds with chill, relaxing highs that last & last. Flavours are an unmistakable sweet mango & the flavour is very smooth but intense - you'll taste a thick, sour lemon kick long after the exhale is complete.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Astounding Yields
  • No Cal Genetics - Epic!
  • Sweet Mango Aroma
  • Discounted Prices
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Product Details

Green Crack is the Sh*t!

This impressive cannabis seed will take the edge off even the roughest day with her chill, relaxing effects & soothing mango aromas. Whether you've had a hard time at work or your body is feeling its age, Humboldt Seeds Green Crack is what you're looking for. This is a true legend, my friend - don't miss this opportunity to get your greedy hands on these 100% feminized seeds!

  • Extremely Vigorous & Fast - The Real Thing!
  • Oodles of Bud Sites with a Very Tight Structure
  • Mostly Sativa - Very Chill, Slightly Baked
  • Get 15% Off All Cash Orders for a Limited Time!

The sweet mango fragrance wafting from this superior Sativa-dominant bud factory is a trademark feature, but the flavour is equally appealing - sweet & spicy on the intake followed by a distinct lemon on the exhale. Yummo! Best of all, with massive yields of tight, dense nuggs, you'll have plenty of opportunities to savour every luscious part of your new Green Crack Seeds!

Green Crack Feminized Seeds are a very special, proprietary mix of the epic Skunk #1 and a top-secret pure Afghani that you'll only find at Humboldt Seeds. This is the real thing - accept no weak imitations!

Order Your Green Crack Seeds Today - They're Practically Addicting!

NB: Searching for a Green Crack grow log? Look & dream, but don't try to write your own using these beans! Germination & cultivation is illegal in the UK & most other places plus both practices are strictly prohibited by the Gorilla Seeds TOS. Just saying.



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Skunk #1 X Pure Afghani
Flavour Sweet & Spicy with a Lemony Aftertaste
Aroma Mango
Yield Good
Outdoor Yield Extremely High
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Green Crack is a legendary cannabis seed created by the Humboldt Seed Organization. Located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle where creating awesome strains is a way of life, Humboldt Seeds has you covered whether you're looking for killer power or astounding yields with true standouts like Blue Dream, OG Kush & Traiinwreck. Get your 100% feminized seeds today!