Bubblelicious Auto

Pop That Pink Bubble!

Nirvana Seeds

She’s called Bubblelicious Auto, and as much as The Gorilla hates typing Bubblelicious, she’s worth the pain and suffering. She tends to affect the body and mind, so get ready to get un-smart. This unique cannabis seed is refined and perfected. Her extreme beauty manifests itself in her distinctive looks, taste, and scent. Many phenotypes smell strongly of pink bubblegum.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Tastes & Smells Sweet
  • Only Needs 8 Weeks!
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Product Details

She’s Allergic to Everything Outdoors

Bubblelicious Automatic is kind of a prissy cannabis seed, not really intended for outdoor excursions. That’s fine, there’s bugs and dinosaurs and stuff out there anyway.

Meanwhile, The Gorilla is enjoying her smoothness right now, and her extra-sweet taste has him vigorously tapping that arse. Not sure yet? Sample the smoothest bullets around:

  • Short, fast, autoflowering
  • Feminized too (this is getting too easy)
  • SOG it up for respectable yields

She’s a member of the Mostly Indica Club, and loves to grease The Gorilla’s hands up when he’s fondling her sweet resinous pink spot. Keeping abreast of her mixed effects, The Gorilla typically clears his calendar for a few hours when he’s rockin’ out with these choice feminized seeds.

The Gorilla is never too busy stinking up the joint with his favourite herbs to handle his business. Covert packaging, secure browsing, and superb service are a way of life for The King Of The Internet. No bullshit, no (bad) surprises.

Get Pinked and Sticky With Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious Auto Now!

NB: Even The King Of The Internet can’t help you if you’re up to no good. Keep abreast of the law, and do what it says.


Indoor Yes
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Average
Height Info short
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 8 Weeks
Flavour Some Phenos Taste Like Pink Bubblegum
Aroma Some Phenos Smell Like Pink Bubblegum
Yield Good
Yield Notes 200 to 300 gr/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Many say that the magical herb is euphoric, but Nirvana Seeds is pure heaven! This Dutch breeder opened their doors in the heart of Amsterdam way back in 1995 with one of the original Positronics' masterminds at the helm. With that kind of knowledge, Nirvana Seeds was a shoe-in to reach legendary status. Buy your regular and feminized seeds today & join Nirvana in spreading peace & serenity throughout the world. It just may change your life!