Shot Adrenaline Automatic

Hit Your Target in 45 Days With 21% THC!

Samsara Seeds

Shot Adrenaline Automatic has it all! Rich fruit flavour, intense euphoric effects, potent 21% THC levels & super-rapid 45-day flowering period (60-70 day lifecycle) define this fully automatic seed as the best thing since the sacred herb was first discovered. Get your Sativa goodness the easy way with Shot Adrenaline Automatic Seeds. Buy yours today!
  • THC 21%
  • 100% Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • 45 Days Bloom, 70-Day Cycle
  • Buy Shot Adrenaline Automatic!
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Product Details

Shot Adrenaline Automatic Hits the Spot Every Single Time!

 With strong, euphoric effects, 21% THC & rapid 45-day flowering period (60-70 day total lifecycle), Shot Adrenaline Automatic is a winner in any book. If you've been itching to try a potent Sativa but can't stand the thought of waiting up to 14 weeks for your payoff, this is the cannabis seed you've been searching for. Don't miss out - buy yours today!

  • Shot Adrenaline Automatic Reaches 21% THC
  • White Dwarf X Skunk Hybrid
  • Tempting Skunk Aroma & Acid Fruit Flavour
  • Compact, Dense & Extra Sticky

If you've never tried a Sativa-rich cannabis seed before, Shot Adrenaline Automatic is a great place to start. Compared to traditional Sativas & even many , Indicas, she's easy to manage, extremely fast and very high quality. You will not be disappointed!

Gorilla Seeds is proud to offer an ever increasing range of premium cannabis seeds, but all our beans including Shot Adrenaline Automatic Seeds are dormant collectibles and not intended for any illegal use including germination & cultivation. Know the laws in your area & how they apply to you before you order.

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Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics White Dwarf x Skunk
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC V.Strong
THC notes 21%
Medical Yes
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 45 days flowering, 60-70 day total lifecycle
Yield Average
Yield Notes 55-75 gr indoor/outdoor
Mainly Sativa Yes
At Samsara Seeds, it's not just the beans - it's the lifestyle! They don't cater to the latest trends or try to create hype. Instead, they have listened to their customers' actual needs & wants to create a true experience rather than something that'll just kick your ass. Well, they might do that too, but you'll get first-class treatment beforehand. Treat yourself to a better medical-grade cannabis seed - Get your own Samara Seeds!