African Buzz

Exotic Flavour, Hypnotic Highs, Pure Sativa Power


That was more than enough to catch our attention! In a day when most prefer couchlockers that finish in 2 months or less, it's hard to find a pure Sativa with the quality & power you'll get from African Buzz. This is a double Malawi Gold cross selectively bred for her speed & energetic buzz. If you've got the time, we've got the beans. Get yours today!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Pure Sativa Strain
  • Up & Energizing
  • Exotic Flavour
  • Top Quality - Impressive!
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Product Details

There's No Buzz Like An African Buzz!

If you're looking for the real thing, you've just found it! African Buzz Seeds are all Sativa, all day, every day. This exotic, double Malawi Gold mix always delivers top power and mind-bending highs that'll send you flying straight into the stratosphere for hours. If anxiety & nervous energy aren't a problem, you're golden ... Malawi Golden!

  • African Buzz Flowering Time = 11 Weeks
  • Pure, 100% Sativa with Genetics from Malawi
  • Very Up, Euphoric & Cerebral - True Head Stash
  • Regular Seeds - Perfect for Hobby Breeders

Like most pure Sativas, the African Buzz Strain takes a bit more time & experience than most mixed hybrids and Indica Strains. The quality is, without a doubt, outstanding, so if you have the patience & the know-how to bring out the best in this impressive cannabis seed, these ladies will reward you handsomely. Be warned, these buzz-worthy babies will need at least 11 weeks after the flip to finish and some will probably take more.

Once a citizen of Africa, not too far from central Malawi, The Gorilla has a soft spot in his massive heart for African Buzz Seeds. In honor of his hometown, he's marked these babies as low as they will go. Order today & you'll get an awesome deal along with discreet packaging, friendly customer service and the knowledge that you made a big, hairy beast smile! He'd send you a big, sloppy smooch in your jiffy pack if he could. Be very, very glad that he can't. 

Buy African Buzz Regular Seeds Today & Bid Farewell to Couchlock Tomorrow!

NB: Thinking about starting your own super awesome, ab-fab African Buzz grow with your new cannabis seeds? That's not a smart idea. It's illegal & prohibited by the Gorilla Seeds TOS meaning you could end up in jail or with a ginormous Gorilla camped out by your front door ready to do more than give you a wet kiss. Neither one is good.


Indoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Malawi Gold X Malawi Gold
Flowering Time 11 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 10 to 20%
Flavour Exotic
Flowering Outdoors November - Only for the Warmest Climates
Yield Good
Greenhouse Yes
African Buzz is an exotic cannabis seed brought to you by the Seedsman brand. Seedsman Seeds is an incredible source for brilliant genetics that you can always rely on. Depending on whether you go for feminized, automatic or regular seeds, these beans are available in convenient pack sizes ranging from 1 to 10 individual beans. You'll always get a bargain with genuine Seedsman Seeds when you shop Gorilla. Buy yours today!