Ata Tundra

The UK's Newest Go-To Strain!


Ata Tundra is the perfect choice for the UK or any other damp, cold climate. With one parent from Alaska & one from the Middle East, this 100% Indica can stand up to just about anything including frost & still finish in about 45 days. Both Gorillas & Guerillas love it and you will too!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 100% Indica Couchlockers
  • 6 to 8 Week Finishes
  • Very Hardy & Cold Tolerant
  • Guerrilla Specials
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Product Details

Extremely Fast & Hardy with Nearly 20% THC!

When you want your couchlock & you want it now, go with Ata Tundra seeds. This incredible mix of Matanuska Thunderfuck from Alaska & Kazakhstani Kush from the Middle East come together to create Seedsman's most interesting & fastest cannabis seeds. And, it doesn't hurt that this bad-ass bean is one of the most potent too!

  • Ata Tundra Flowering Time = As Little as 45 Days
  • Compact & Rocky with a Pleasant Lemon Scent
  • Pure Indica - Very Physical
  • Nearly 20% THC - Potent & Long Lasting

Thanks to its Alaskan genetics, Seedsman Ata Tundra is extremely hardy. Even though she'll be done by September outside, a light coating of frost won't hurt her a bit. Inside, the ginormous, lemon-scented tops can be ready in as little as 45 days in all their dense, dank glory. Either way, THC ratings measure in at an average of 19% with some tests showing more than 20. Now, that's hardcore!

When we can keep The Gorilla away from the Ata Tundra Regular Seeds long enough, he goes into a markdown frenzy. Lucky for you, that's been more often than not recently. Enjoy his vacation from couchlock & get your amazing deals on these brilliant beans today. You won't be disappointed!

Snatch Your ATA Tundra Seeds Today - No One's Got'em Cheaper!

NB: It's true that an Ata Tundra grow would be smooth sailing thanks to their high-quality genetics, but here's something that'll put a kink in your plans before you even get started. The Gorilla, UK law & most other jurisdictions strictly prohibit the germination & cultivation of cannabis seeds. Don't be a criminal or get banned from Gorilla Seeds - keep'em dry & dormant for the duration!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Matanuska Thunderfuck X Kazakhstani Indica
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 19%
Aroma Lemon - Like Pakistani Citral
Flowering Outdoors September
Greenhouse Yes
Ata Tundra is a hardy cannabis seed brought to you by Seedsman Seeds. The Seedsman brand has a well-deserved reputation for delivering authentic genetics with raging power at fair prices. This group has created an outstanding range of strains in regular, feminized & fully automatic form so that they can satisfy all wants, all needs & all desires. If you haven't tried a genuine Seedsman seed lately, you're missing out. Don't miss out - buy yours today!