Purple Punch

GDP's Stunning Colour & Potency with Grandpa Larry's High Yields!

Seed Stockers

This is most definitely a marriage made in heaven! Purple Punch gets her insane potency and stunning colours from the one & only Granddaddy Purple while Grandpa Larry boosts the yield to epic numbers. Armed with a long-lasting, powerful effect, these 100% feminized seeds relieve stress, soothe the body and leave the mind in a perfect state of bliss and joy!
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Product Details

Big, Dense, Spear-Shaped Buds Coated in Resin & Orange Hairs!

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most sought-after strains of all time due to its legendary potency and bright, photoshop-like appearance. Purple Punch feminized seeds follow the same path with an equally tantalizing appearance,  visual appeal and sweet grape and berry aromas. Grandpa Larry increases the yield and adds OG richness to the soft fruity taste.

  • Purple Punch Flowering Time = 8-9 Weeks
  • Buds are Solid, Dense, Aromatic and Colourful!
  • Not Very Leafy - Easy to Manicure
  • Purple Punch Auto Is Also Available!

Although Seed Stockers Purple Punch is a true beauty worthy of a High Times centerfold, she keeps it real, staying simple and uncomplicated enough for even a beginner to master. Like the name implies, she packs a wallop with THC that easily hits the 20% mark after a mere 8-9 week flowering period. Yes, you can find strains that are faster, but will they be more satisfying than this Indica-dominant powerhouse? We think not!

Purple Punch Seeds Showcase the Best American Genetics!

NB: Gorilla Seeds only sells collectible souvenirs in accordance with UK law. That means you can not germinate or grow Purple Punch cannabis seeds purchased from our site. Keep it legal out there!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Grandivadivy Purple X Grandpa Larry
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
Flavour Soft Grape and Kush
Aroma Sweet Grapes & Dark Berries
Yield Good
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Seed Stockers is a no-nonsense company that uses connections made in the cannabis seed trade over the past 30 years to buy up only the finest Dutch and Spanish genetics. Then, they skip the expensive marketing programs and other unnecessary overhead to bring you strains like Amnesia, Gelato, Big Bud and Purple Punch at a fraction of what others charge. Order your genuine Seed Stockers seeds today!