premium flavour profile & easy to grow

Seed Stockers

TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® makes delicious premium flavors available to all growers, this easy-to-grow generous yielding strain will produce some of the finest and most refined terps you have ever tasted. Easy to grow, TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® is created from Oreoz Mintz x Lemon Tree parentage and the strain is pure 5-star lineage.
  • Yield : Huge
  • Oreoz Mintz x Lemon Tree
  • Flavours of freshly baked pastries
  • Aromatic profile
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Product Details

TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® known for its premium flavor profile, generous yields of dense and tight buds, and ease of growing, making premium quality available to all growers, TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® doesn't require too much care or attention, shes a potent sativa dominant hybrid created from two trending strains Oreoz Mintz x Lemon Tree, TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® is all the rage today at Californian dispensaries, this is your chance to bag these genetics for yourself!

  • Medium (14 -22%) THC
  • 8 weeks Flowering
  • Oreoz Mintz x Lemon Tree

Seed Stockers crossed two Californian heavyweights Oreo Mintz and Lemon Tree to produce TRITON BISCOTTO LIME®, which inherits a wow factor when it comes to exotic flavours. TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® comes from a special aromatic family, the aroma of this strain has a likleness to Cookies, only it's further refined to be reminiscent of freshly roasted marshmallows, with hints of chocolate and diesel. The delicatessen aroma from TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® combines classic bakery sweet cookie doughs with the taste of earthy undertones with lemon and gas under notes.

TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® is a pure Five-star premium lineage, producing mega yields of premium dense buds in 8 weeks with a medium 14-22% THC rating. The medium THC rating and sativa psychoactive high give an energetic and euphoric high which helps to develop artistic activities or to socialize. This strain is ideal for releasing tension at the end of the day, creating feelings of relief and well-being. Known for its controlled euphoria which can help change the perspective towards a more optimistic outlook.

This strain despite her sativa effects exhibits more indica growth traits, TRITON BISCOTTO LIME® develops one great main cola with many lateral branches, these branches end up covered in buds, and by harvest time each lateral branch yields almost as much as the main cola. Buds are ultra compact and this plant doesn't stretch and takes on a bushy structure which is easy to manage.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC Average
THC notes 14 -22%
Flavour Candy Creamy
Yield Good
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
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