Wedding Cake

This GSC X Cherry Pie Cross Exceeds 25% THC!

Seed Stockers

With reports of dried herb with THC that exceeds the 25% mark, it didn't take Wedding Cake seeds long to become an international sensation. It is now the most in-demand and hard-to-find feminized seed on the planet since Bruce Banner. Why deprive yourself when Seed Stockers has made this must-have strain readily available to all? Buy your seeds right here and right now!
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Product Details

A Marriage Made in Weed Heaven With Sinful Aromas - Tangy & Sweet!

Wedding Cake feminized seeds are a stroke of pure genius! You could never just throw together two random Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie clones and come up with this masterpiece. Instead, the breeder carefully selected the most potent specimens, tested them generation after generation, and found that the THC just kept going up.

When the 25% THC mark was exceeded during virtually every test, the project was halted in the name of safety. Now, you too can own the most potent strain on the planet to date when you snag your very own pack of Wedding Cake seeds!

  • Wedding Cake THC = 25% or More!
  • Beginner Friendly with High Yields & 9-Week Finish
  • Resinous & Terpene Filled with a Sweet, Tangy Fruit Aroma

Seedstockers Wedding Cake cannabis seeds are an Indica/Sativa hybrid with plenty of punch. The happy highs lift the spirit while the more physical effects relax the body and soothe what ails you for hours on end. Enjoy to excess and these babies will most definitely lock even the most tolerant to the couch. Buds are dark green and oily with resin. Sugar crystals extend all the way to the tip of the smaller leaves so not even the trim goes to waste on this high-yielding, beginner-friendly powerhouse!

The Wedding Cake Strain is Also Known As Pink Cookies!

NB: If you get these cannabis seeds in your hot little hands, we know you'll be tempted to try a Wedding Cake grow, but don't do it! It's illegal almost everywhere and it's against Big G's terms of sale. You don't want the POPO or a big, smelly Gorilla to come looking for you!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 25% or Higher
Flavour Sweet & Tangy
Aroma Fruity
Yield Good
Yield Notes XXL
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed
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