White Widow

The Original Snow-Covered Wonder - 23+% THC!

Seed Stockers

It simply doesn't get any better than original White Widow, and that's exactly what Seed Stockers has to offer. Bred from an authentic, old-school WW mother, these 100% feminized seeds literally drip with THC-filled trichomes that would do any extract lover proud. Highs are strong and forceful leading to countless hours of happy highs.
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Product Details

Original Genetics Selectively Bred for 23% THC … or More!

Seed Stockers reached deep and pulled out several original White Widow mothers to bring you these 100% feminized seeds. After selectively crossing the most potent offspring over several generations, they were able to stabilize the best traits and increase the THC production to over 23% almost every single time. This is, without a doubt, the stickiest, most resinous White Widow cannabis seed we've ever seen. Make sure you're stocked up on fresh scissors before tackling this snow-covered beast!

  • White Widow Flowering Time = 60 Days
  • Original Cup-Winning Genetics
  • XXL Yields with Top Potency
  • An All-Time Classic & Best Seller

This Indica-dominant White Widow strain only needs about 60 days of bloom to produce XXL-sized yields of big, frost-covered flowers that practically glow with ghostly white resin. Buds are firm and sticky to the touch with a pungent, spicy aroma both on the vine and once dried. Break one open and you'll be instantly enveloped in this penetrating smell. Highs are fast acting and pleasant for hours of deep relaxation.

White Widow is a #1 Extract Strain!

NB: Purists will surely appreciate the proven power of these original White Widow feminized seeds, but modern cannabis seeds may prefer the speed and ease of Seed Stocker's White Widow Auto. Check 'em out!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Original White Widow
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 23% THC or Higher
Flavour Spicy
Aroma Spicy
Yield Good
Yield Notes XXL
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Seed Stockers is a no-nonsense company that uses connections made in the cannabis seed trade over the past 30 years to buy up only the finest Dutch and Spanish genetics. Then, they skip the expensive marketing programs and other unnecessary overhead to bring you strains like Amnesia, Gelato, Big Bud and Purple Punch at a fraction of what others charge. Order your genuine Seed Stockers seeds today!