Afghani #1 Regular

Heavy Yields – Heavy Indica – Heavy Couchlock

Sensi Seeds

This heavy hitting Indica strain from Sensi Seeds is well known for its dark, hash-producing, resin-encrusted buds. Afghani #1 is a 95% Indica dominant strain with average height and a short flowering period of only 45 days, making these weed seeds the perfect choice for the hash lover.
  • Heavy Yields
  • 95% indica
  • Highly Resinous
  • Regular Seeds
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Product Details

Perfect For The Hash Head

Sensi Seeds have created these fast, heavy and compact cannabis seeds that are sometimes referred to as “Afghanica” or “hash plants” and for good reason. Afghani #1 is favoured by the hashish lovers, commonly found across India and used mainly for Charas, but this heavy resin producing genotype actually originates in the mountains of Afghanistan.

With a short flowering period and producing masses of extra sticky resin, this 95% Indica strain from Sensi Seeds is perfect for all the Indica purists and hash heads out there. Fast, heavy hitting and with just a hint of Sativa to keep you awake – Excellent!

  • Heavy Yields
  • Short Flowering Time (45 days)
  • 95% Indica
  • Regular Seeds

Sensi Seeds offer excellent quality weed seeds and have carefully bred some of the best cannabis strains on the market. This Afghani #1 is no exception - a must for the Indica purist.

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Sensi Seeds Afghani #1 – Perfect For The Hash Lover

We only sell these cannabis seeds as souvenirs to be collected and cherished forever – or until the law changes. So don’t break the law by germinating these high yielding Indica seeds.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 7 weeks
Yield Good
Yield Notes Heavy
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 95% indica, 5% sativa
Looking for true medical marijuana seeds? Sensi Seeds has 'em! This is the only seed company to have the official endorsement of a Harvard professor - the highly esteemed Dr Grinspoon. In addition to that prized credential, Sensi Seeds has won at Highlife, High Times & just about any other competition you can think of. The Gorilla's favourite picks? It's got to be Super Skunk or the incredibly fast & sticky Hash Plant, but there are no losers in this bunch of fatties! Do yourself a favour & buy a pack or three of genuine Sensi Seeds today!