American Dream Regular

Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labour

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds named this staggering all-rounder after realising their goal wasn’t unlike The American Dream of personal improvement, hard work and enjoying the fruits of your own labour. Its genetics were also perfected over a long time, from a wide variety of quality hybrids resulting in a potent, reliable, high yielding cash cropper.
  • 70% Indica
  • Regular Seeds
  • Heavy Yields
  • Fast And Powerful
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Product Details

Have Your Cake And Eat It

The Gorilla says American Dream’s name is more like “have your cake and eat it too”. Masses of giant buds that sparkle with a sticky coating of trichomes and a powerful 70% Indica kick makes this pungent, skunky beast an absolute dream maker.

Sensi Seeds American Dream is a compact, heavy yielding, fast and powerful Indica Hybrid with elite Afghan Skunk, Jamaican and Hawaiian genetics that finishes flowering in only 45-50 days. With giant fist sized, skunky nuggets, Sensi seeds will make your pursuit of happiness an easily achievable American Dream.

Sensi Seeds have been breeding the highest quality cannabis seeds for over 25 years and American Dream’s regular seeds are a prime example of the finest Indica dominant hybrids available. The Gorilla has awarded Sensi Seeds the coveted Golden Banana award for the best quality Afghani genetics available, not many breeders can say that - Seni Seeds is a name you can trust!

The Gorilla doesn’t monkey around when it comes to his customers. Only ever choosing the freshest and best quality seeds from the finest cannabis seed breeders available, offering you the best price deals on the Internet and a free gift with every order. Seeds are always packed in the securest, stealthiest packaging for complete piece of mind. Try us today – you won’t be disappointed!

Sensi Seeds American Dream. Grab Your Own Heavy Yielding Indica – Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labour

Cannabis seeds are sold for souvenir or collection purposes only. Until the law changes, these top quality weed seeds must not be germinated and will only be sent under these terms and conditions, no matter what condition you’re in!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Afghan Skunk x Jamaican and Hawaiian
THC Strong
Aroma Skunky
Yield Notes Heavy
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 30% Sativa 70% Indica
Looking for true medical marijuana seeds? Sensi Seeds has 'em! This is the only seed company to have the official endorsement of a Harvard professor - the highly esteemed Dr Grinspoon. In addition to that prized credential, Sensi Seeds has won at Highlife, High Times & just about any other competition you can think of. The Gorilla's favourite picks? It's got to be Super Skunk or the incredibly fast & sticky Hash Plant, but there are no losers in this bunch of fatties! Do yourself a favour & buy a pack or three of genuine Sensi Seeds today!