California Indica Regular

Irresistibly Citrusy Sweet

Sensi Seeds

California Indica is another mostly Indica strain from Sensi Seeds, but there is nothing “usual” about these regular seeds. Crossing a real sweet and citrusy sharp Orange Bud with the best phenotypes from the legendary Afghani Hash Plant has crafted a heavy, hashy strain with an unusual amount of irresistible orange hairs.
  • Heavy Yields
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica Dominant
  • Chocolaty-Orange
  • Citrusy Sharp

About California Indica Regular

Cerebral High And Body Buzz!

Sensi Seeds California Indica is a dream hybrid. It keeps Orange Bud's gigantic yields & cerebral highs, while the Hash Plant's Afghanica side overpowers you with a heavy, hashy, Indica body buzz – even if you want to get up and move about, couchlock is pretty much guaranteed.

The Hash Plant and the Orange Bud really comes through on this strain. California Indica is said to taste like orange flavoured dark chocolate and smell like mouth-watering citrusy hash. Both parents are known for high production of resin and fantastic yields. This 65% Indica hybrid is no exception to that rule.

With over 25 years expertise in breeding the finest quality cannabis seeds, Sensi Seeds have created another mouth-watering Indica dominant strain with top Afghanica genetics and a healthy dose of Sativa for good measure. There’s really only one choice for Afghani heavy Indicas – Sensi Seeds.

The Gorilla doesn’t mess around where weed seeds are concerned. He will only ever pick, stock and sell the freshest, highest quality cannabis seeds from tried and trusted breeders to ensure you get exactly what you pay for. All seeds are sealed in original breeders packaging, sent by fast stealthy recorded delivery, and when you spend only £34.99 we will include free seeds from our top selling breeders. Still not convinced? How about a free Gorilla love kit with every order and a price promise that will not be beaten?

Grab Sensi Seeds California Indica Today. A Heavy Yielding, Chocolaty Orange Indica – Mmmmmmmm Chocolate!

Cannabis seeds are only sold for souvenir or collection purposes only. Until the law changes, these top quality weed seeds must not be germinated. Doing so will result in being locked up in a small cell with a big guy called Sandra

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Orange Bud x Afghani Hash Plant
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Strong
Flavour Orange, Dark Chocolate
Aroma Citrusy Hash
Yield Good
Yield Notes High
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
Looking for true medical marijuana seeds? Sensi Seeds has 'em! This is the only seed company to have the official endorsement of a Harvard professor - the highly esteemed Dr Grinspoon. In addition to that prized credential, Sensi Seeds has won at Highlife, High Times & just about any other competition you can think of. The Gorilla's favourite picks? It's got to be Super Skunk or the incredibly fast & sticky Hash Plant, but there are no losers in this bunch of fatties! Do yourself a favour & buy a pack or three of genuine Sensi Seeds today!
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