Blueberry Headband X SCBDX

Thick, Tight Colas That Go On For Days!


Blueberry Headband X SCBDX combines the best West Coast genetics with the ground-breaking SuperCBDx strain for outstanding CBD levels and extra-high yields. If you're looking for a superiour medical strain, end your search right here, right now! This 100% feminized seed has a strong, pungent smell that's mostly Diesel accented by clear notes of sweet berry, and the taste has Pre-98 Bubba's familiar peppery bite. Amazing!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Medical-Grade Genetics
  • High CBD/Low THC
  • Massive Yields - Tight!
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Product Details

Diesel & Berry Aroma with a Peppery Bite!

Medical marijuana seeds won't get you wasted, but there's no reason why your MMJ shouldn't taste & smell just as intense as the best high-THC strain. With Blueberry Headband X SCBDX Seeds the aroma is extremely strong with a rich Diesel quality on top of distinct notes of sweet berry. The taste is all Pre-98 Bubba with a peppery bite that just doesn't let go!

  • SCBDX Adds Bulk & Terpenes to a Classic!
  • Substantial CBD Levels - Reduced THC
  • Thick Aroma with Both Diesel & Berry
  • Medical-Grade Feminized Seeds

Moisture, mould and mildew are not a problem with SuperCBDx's Blueberry Headband X SCBDX! These 100% feminized seeds can even resist the dreaded powdery mildew that's been known to wreak havoc on even the most experienced cannabis fans. In the end, you'll love this high-CBD strain for its massive colas, exceptional terpene profile and high level of therapeutic value. Don't miss out!

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Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blueberry Headband X SuperCBDx
Flavour Peppery
Aroma Diesel & Berry
Greenhouse Yes
The SuperCBDx strain was originally discovered by PJ, a cancer survivor and former addict, who was in search of a true medical marijuana seed with very high CBD and practically no THC. He started in 2010 and reached his goal in 2012 when he received the test results for his latest breeding project - this new SuperCBDx strain had twice as much CBD as any other genetic mix with virtually no THC, and it was reproducible in seed form. Get your SuperCBDx hybrids today - there's nothing else like them!