Cold Creek Kush


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Cold Creek Kush takes the weight out of Kush. It'll still make you feel totally chill and deliciously relaxed, but an extra hit of Sativa from MK-Ultra lifts this heavy Chem 91 hybrid just a little so you don't have to live on the couch - unless you want to! One try & you'll see why these cannabis seeds took 2nd place at HTCC 2010.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Extreme Medicinal Power
  • Chem 91 X MK-Ultra
  • Up To 450 gr/m2 Yields
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Product Details

CCK Turns The Tables on Your Standard Bottom-Heavy Kush


Rolling in from the Rocky Mountain Region with an avalanche of power, Cold Creek Kush is a real powerhouse, but it won't knock you out for the count like its cousins OG Kush & East Coast Sour Diesel. You'll enjoy that unmistakable Chem-91 flavour along with a slight MK-Ultra lift - the best of all possible worlds!

  • 60-67 Days of Finish Required - Longer Wait, Bigger Yield!
  • 110-130 cm with Tons of Stretch - Scrog Early or Go SOG!
  • American Genetics, Dutch Quality - You Can't Beat That!

As a testimony to its supreme awesomeness, Cold Creek Kush Seeds took 2nd place as one of the best Indica Strains of 2010 at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Once you get a load of these award-winning medical seeds, you'll know the judges weren't blowing smoke up your bum - they're shockingly good!

The Cold Creek Kush strain is stunning at any price, but you'll always get the best deals at Gorilla Seeds. The Gorilla kicks ass and takes names to make the world's best breeders reduce their charges so he can pass the savings on to you. We have no idea what he does with all those names.

Order Cold Creek Kush Cannabis Seeds Now - You Won't Regret It!

NB: Don't let Cold Creek Kush sweep you off your feet & talk you into germinating or cultivating your new weed seeds. That's illegal!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Chem 91 X MK-Ultra
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC Strong
Cannabis Cup 2nd Place Best Indica 2010 HTCC
Cup Winner Yes
Medical Yes
Height notes 110 to 130 cm
Flavour Chem - Diesel
Yield Good
Yield Notes 350 to 450 gr/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
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