Roadrunner Automatic #2

Fully Automatic and Very Productive!


Breeder DinaFem crossed the original Lowryder & Diesel Ryder to create this smelly and resin-y new cannabis strain that improves on the stability & speed of the original Roadrunner Auto. With added aromatic tones & flavour, these DinaFem Roadrunner Automatic Feminised Seeds have more vigor & vim than ever before. And the smoke is perfect for mild consumption with an oomph that will take your ass to zero MPH in nothing flat!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Calming & Relaxing
  • Sweet - Hints of Lemon
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Product Details

This Wacky-Tabacky is Fast!

This new Roadrunner strain will chill you out much quicker and easier than ever before. Both your bird-like brain and monkey-like bod will thank you for these fast-finishing cannabis seeds!

The smoke has just the right amount of intensity, flavoured with a sweet lemony taste, unique to Indica Strains. Roadrunner Automatic #2 is quite the unique bird:

  • Genetics: 25% Ruderalis; 20% Sativa; 55% Indica
  • Moderate THC - 6 to 12%
  • Fully Autoflowering Seeds
  • Life cycle: 60-65 days

She’s an indoor/outdoor AutoFem who loves the light. From start to finish, give this marijuana seed plenty and she’ll spread her wings wide with impressive resin.

But be forewarned! Just like all feathery friends, this bird does not respond well to a lot of H2O. So take it easy and fire it up with a flock of your best buds… or fly solo - totally up to you.

The Gorilla can deliver your Roadrunner Automatic #2 cannabis seeds lickety-split - faster than the roadrunner & much more dependable than that crazy coyote - and he ships internationally, too.

Inspired By This Speedy Bird? Place Your Order Fast…Like Now!

NB: This DinaFem Roadrunner review is about the mother bird and not her eggs/seeds, so don’t go tweeting about it.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Average
Height notes Up to 140 cm Outdoors, Shorter Inside
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 60 to 65 Days from Seed
Flavour Sweet with Hints of Lemon
Yield Average
Yield Notes 20 to 30 grams
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
DinaFem Seeds started off slow, but there's no stopping them now! This isn't a big corporate organization - it's a small group of independent Spanish breeders who really know their shit. The talks started in 2002, but Dinafem didn't fully launch their first collection of stunning feminized seeds because they took all they needed to do things exactly right. With a clear focus on absolute perfection, they've continued to improve their line each & every year. Don't miss out - order genuine DinaFem Seeds today!