It Tastes Like Fuel, Seriously?


She’s not an it, She’s a She, and don’t panic, her Diesel flavour is unique, not gross. Dinafem Diesel is one of the most popular varieties on the market, and it’s soaked in petrol to give it that fun flavor. Okay... not really. Actually, the flavour is predominantly lemon - lime, with a hint of tangerine, and yes... diesel.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • America's Favourite Seed
  • Packed with Flavour
  • Mostly Cerebral
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Product Details

She’s All About Your Big, Juicy Brain!

With a relatively low CBD content, Diesel Feminized is great at putting your mind at ease without screwing with your body too much. Her song is light, long lasting, and fades gradually so she won’t knock you out for the day. Other benefits include:

  • DinaFem Diesel Yields = 500-800 gr
  • Flavour Packed
  • Feminized and Easy, Great for Newbies

The mellow effects are what keep The Gorilla coming back for more. Not too numbing and great mental stimulation, these marijuana seeds likes to mark their territory with the long-lasting aftertaste The Gorilla enjoys.

Her mold resistant nature makes her a prime candidate for cool, damp regions, so have no fear of the fungus monster, Diesel cannabis seeds are up to the challenge!

As always, The Gorilla guarantees the cheapest prices and fast international delivery. If you like the good stuff, and you want it now, don’t go with anybody else - your discreet package filled with premium weed seeds will blaze its way to your doorstep in no time!

Buy DinaFem Diesel Feminised Seeds from The Gorillia Now and Blaze On!

NB:Growing cannabis seeds is not a legal activity. Don’t do a DinaFem Diesel grow, or we won’t be your friend anymore.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC Strong
Height notes Up to 3 Meters Outside
Flavour lemon/lime with a touch of tangerine & diesel fuel
Aroma Intense!
Yield Average
Yield Notes 500 to 800 grams
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
DinaFem Seeds started off slow, but there's no stopping them now! This isn't a big corporate organization - it's a small group of independent Spanish breeders who really know their shit. The talks started in 2002, but Dinafem didn't fully launch their first collection of stunning feminized seeds because they took all they needed to do things exactly right. With a clear focus on absolute perfection, they've continued to improve their line each & every year. Don't miss out - order genuine DinaFem Seeds today!