Bud Bud Bling Tingz

A 90% Indica with Enough Crystals to Reach 22% THC!

Dr Krippling

Bud Bud Bling Tingz is more than a pretty face. This lady backs her sh*t up with serious yields, devastating power & a flavour that'll keep you coming back for more. Finishes are extremely fast - a very few have a 6-week fade with none going longer than 8 weeks. This is a great choice for first timers!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Perfect Formation
  • A Potent Indica
  • High Yields - Massive!
  • Pleasant Flavour
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Product Details

As Precious as the Hope Diamond, But Way More Practical!

Beauty & substance come together in Dr Krippling's Bud Bud Bling Tingz! It'll be love at first sight when you see this feminized seed's perfect bud structure & triple-thick resin, but you'll know you're a lifer once the Indica-dominant stones powered by a full 22% THC set in. You'll be hooked!

  • Bud Bud Bling Tingz Finish in 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Perfect Bud Formation with Tons & Tons of Crystals
  • Extra Potent with 18 to 22% THC
  • Beginner-Friendly, High-Yielding, 90% Indica

Bud Bud Bling Tingz Seeds, on rare occasions, will start to fade about 6 weeks after the flip, but most of the time, they'll need about 7 to 8 weeks of finish. Yields are impressive, growing larger the longer you wait, with the ability to reach between 280 & 750 gr/m2 inside & 200 to 800 gr/seed outside. Plus, she's real easy to deal with & she's got that famous Blue taste that'll leave you drooling for more!

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NB: A Bud Bud Bling Tingz grow would be a sight to behold, but it would also be a major crime with all kinds of potential penalties in the UK. Keep it on the straight & narrow & keep your cannabis seeds as a collectible item, just as they were intended.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Delhi Friend X Blueberry
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 18-22% THC
Flavour Blue Indica
Flowering Outdoors Septemberiva
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 280 to 750 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield 200 to 800 gr/seed
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 90% Indica;10% Sat
Greenhouse Yes
Bud Bud Bling Tingz is an aptly named cannabis seed bred for the Dr Krippling brand. A new but increasingly famous breeder, Dr Kripping operates out of London, but they have a global reach with breeding facilities in many more weed-friendly countries. For the absolute best quality feminized and autoflowering seeds, get your authentic Dr Krippling Seeds from The Gorilla today!