Ken's Kush

The Absolute Best Kush You'll Ever Find!

Grand Daddy Purp

GDP puts out some awesome strains & even they say this is the best of the best! Why not treat yourself to some truly dank Cali fire with a pack of Ken's Kush? This breed tastes great, smells even better & it'll fix you right up from the tips of your toes to the center of your brain. These are medical-grade cannabis seeds at their finest!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Medical Grade
  • Pine Taste - Skunk Smell
  • Balanced & Uplifting
  • Dense, Dank & Frosty
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Product Details

In Dire Need of Potent MMJ Seeds?

Good news - You've just found it! Ken's Kush Seeds are as powerful as they come with the potential to soothe a variety of ailments from the physical to the mental. They're relaxing & calming, but you won't find any couchlock in these babies - it has just the right amount energy without taking you places you don't want to go.

  • Ken's Kush is a Premium Medical-Grade Seed
  • Relaxing with the Just the Right Amount of Energy
  • Very Balanced & Uplifting
  • Piney Flavour - Skunky Smell - High Potency

Ken's Kush Regular Seeds have a clean pine flavour with no cloying aftertaste and a rich, pungent Skunk smell that practically screams dank. Give these weed seeds a little organic love & they'll love you back with dense, dark-green golfballs with plenty of orange/red hairs, a thick layer of sparkling frost & almost no trim. Now, that's a perfect combination!

Grand Daddy Purp's Ken's Kush might be the best Kush on the planet, but there's no question that Gorilla Seeds is the best place to buy premium cannabis seeds. We offer the lowest prices, the most discreet deliveries and the friendliest customer service on the planet. Look us up on Facebook or one of the many weed forums we sponsor.

Buy Your Ken's Kush Cannabis Seeds Today - You'll Be Amazed!

NB: Ken's Kush is definitely deserving of carrying the Ken Este's name, but that doesn't mean you can do what Ken does. In the UK & most other places, germination & cultivation is illegal & could result in big fines, a criminal record & jailtime - and The Gorilla ain't no lawyer.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
THC V.Strong
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Physical Pain, Mental Lift, Appetite, Good Energy
Flavour Crisp, Clean Pine with no Aftertaste
Aroma Pungent Skunk
Greenhouse Yes
"Ken's Kush is a potent cannabis seed sold by Ken Este's Original Grand Daddy Purp brand. Grand Daddy Purp is a major player in the West Coast cannabis seed market. Their strains include OG Kush, Blue Dream, Bay 11 and their signature Grand Daddy Purp. These medical seeds sell out almost as fast as we can get them in, so don't hesitate to click ""Buy"" when they're available. You know you want some!"