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Blue Cheese

If Blue Cheese has a superiority complex, it’s only because she has a prominent pedigree. Her parents are the world-renowned Cheese & the ever exquisite Blueberry. With such a high-flying background, who could blame Blue Cheese for feeling self-important? Plus, this feminized Indica is smooth & easy… in a sophisticated sort of way, of course. Sit back & let her soothe you!
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Blue Cheese Auto

This ain’t your Daddy’s Blue Cheese/Ruderalis hybrid! DinaFem crossed their best Cheese Auto with a brand new Auto Blueberry to delivery this original genetic mix. Blue Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds taste more like Cheese & smell more like Blueberry, but there are hints of both at every turn!
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Blue Fruit

Blue Fruit thrives where others often fail. Becoming much darker purple in the Autumn and in low light, she is greatly adapted to harnessing the sun’s diminishing rays. She’s an interesting mix of Indica and Sativa, with some having different proportions, just like real girls! Buy your fruitilicious cannabis seeds now.
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Blue Hash

Good job noticing that! Now add this girl to your cart and click away for your prize (payment required). Her name doesn’t lie, Blue Hash is extremely potent, but not in a musty old lady fart way, in a psychoactive way! These feminized seeds are great outdoors and love to be moist, so no fancy girl crap here.
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Blue Thai

5 / 5 based on reviews
Blue Thai enhances Blueberry's sweet flavour with just the right touch of Thai acid for an unbelievably good combination. The power is high & so is the yield to make this Sativa-dominant powerhouse a true behemoth with extremely uplifting effects, especially good for daytime. This is a definite must-have!
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Blue Widow

What’s the best way to celebrate any day you bother to get out of bed? Get some Blue Widow and get the blues! The Gorilla always has the blues, and cherishes that sweet bubble gum flavour above all others. He claims it makes his breath fresh too, but that’s debatable. Buy yours today - the price is always right!
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California Hash Plant

It stand for cannabidiol (underlined for dummies, not you though), and it means ‘chill out’ in some science language from the future. California Hash Plant is 100% Indica with an effect closely matching her name, and not the California part, which would involve bikinis and reasonably priced wine.
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Aptly named, Cheese Cannabis Seeds have the aroma of an aged, well-cured version of her namesake. You’d think that, with such a pungent fragrance, Cheese might have trouble making friends, but as it happens, this feminized Indica is much smoother than she seems. Don’t be surprised if you’re the one doing the melting when all is said and done!
Cheese Auto thumbnail

Cheese Auto

As the daughter of Original Cheese & Critical Plus, this autoflowering chef was always destined to produce exceptional treats. Cheese Auto is finally stepping out of her parents’ shadows and making a name for herself. Dinner (and perfection) is served!
Cloud #9 thumbnail

Cloud #9

Why sit under gloomy storm clouds when you can blow them away - and get blown away - with Cloud #9 cannabis seeds? Her long resinous arms sway gently in the wind, and her weedy aroma will lift your sorry ass up and take you to your happy place. Buy now for instant escape!
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Collector's Pack No 1

Not sure which DinaFem seeds to buy? Or looking to try something new? Round out your cannabis seed collection with Collectors Pack No 1! Three different strains for three distinct experiences. You’ll get /feminized/moby-dick.html">Moby Dick, DinaFem’s most popular strain which is super psychoactive, White Kush for a physical and mental effect, and California Hash Plant for a calming mid-range high. Order now & be the proud owner of all three!
Collector's Pack No 10 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 10

Some families are destined for greatness. Collectors Pack No 10 is one such family, featuring three sisters who never fail to impress. Original Amnesia, Critical Jack Autoflowering and OG Kush. Each of these world-class feminized seeds strives to always be the best and never disappoint. For a great deal, grab yours now!
Collector's Pack No 11 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 11

DinaFem's Collectors Pack No 11 is an extremely fast, totally autoflowering set of medical seeds with power to spare. White Widow Auto, Cheese Autoflowering and White Cheese Auto all deliver herbal help, with strong THC personalities and sweet smiles. This trio addresses all your needs, from the mental to the physical while wearing their white crystal uniforms with well-deserved pride.
Collector's Pack No 12 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 12

DinaFem is on a mission to make your life extra easy with their Collectors Pack No 12! Not only do you not have to make a choice between these 3 amazing autoflowering strains, you won't have to worry about any complications once they arrive. These potent beauties will get the job done fast, with little fuss & in just about any environment. How great is that?
Collector's Pack No 13 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 13

The future is now. Collectors Pack No 13 is part of an exclusive THC program: three sisters engineered to excel. Dinachem, Kush-N-Cheese and Critical Kush aren’t your typical girls. They’re experiments, bred in hidden labs and cloned from DinaFem’s top secret formulas. They’re the next generation of perfection - cerebral, physical & always high achieving.
Collector's Pack No 14 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 14

Success in the kitchen requires more than perfect ingredients. It also demands a perfect palette, and DinaFem's Collectors Pack No 14 has that. This trio of feminized seeds all share an understanding of flavour, blending fruit-sweet notes with subtle spices. Deep Cheese, Blue Thai and Blue Cheese craft THC-rich masterpieces every day. These chefs believe in the power of deliciousness.
Collector's Pack No 15 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 15

These ladies play well together so be prepared for long-lasting fun with the girls from DinaFem Collectors Pack No 15. Each brings a little something special to the table ranging from unique flavours and smells to the ability to help you relax like never before. If you crave variety, these feminized seeds will deliver total satisfaction.
Collector's Pack No 16 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 16

If you’re into Cheese, you’ll love what DinaFem Collectors Pack No 16 has to offer. With 2 seeds each of decadent Blue Cheese, Critical Cheese & Critical + 2.0 Auto, there's absolute nothing not to love about this value-packed mixed set of awesomeness!
Collector's Pack No 2 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 2

Each strain brings her own goods to the table. Blue Hash resists humidity & mold and smells of resin & fresh fruits. Blue Widow is a triple threat of flavour, taste, & showy fall colours. White Widow’s resin-covered wings have a strong sweet-and-sour pungent odour and she has that high medicinal value the Gorilla just loves. And all 3 strains are feminized just like you like 'em!
Collector's Pack No 3 thumbnail

Collector's Pack No 3

The Gorilla combined 3 of his favourite ladies just for you. Featuring Moby Dick, Shark Attack and Critical +, this force of feminized nature will seriously confront your ability to cope. They’re pretty strong. Whether you need the relaxing fingers of Shark Attack or the massive shot of THC from Moby Dick, there’s always a lady ready for you!
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Magic Beans that Cost Way Less than a Cow!

Just because DinaFem Seeds perform like a million doesn't mean you gotta rob a bank to afford these babies! These dudes remember what it was like to be a small-time collector so they keep the quality high & the prices low to make sure you always get the most for your money, and The Gorilla takes that idea one step further. You won't find these feminized seeds cheaper anywhere else - we promise!

  • Amazing Prices & Freaky-Fast Delivery Times
  • International Shipping - Practically Every Country Serviced
  • Check Out Our Free Seeds - The More You Spend, the More You Get!

If you're not sure what to choose, check out one of DF's latest creations. Dinafem Blue Cheese is a new twist on a very popular classic that's a potent cross between the highly sought-after Dinafem Cheese & a super-sweet Original Blueberry Feminized Seed. Tasty doesn't even begin to describe this incredible mix.

Genuine DinaFem Seeds are unmistakable even if you never remove your new marijuana seeds from the security of their protective Eppendorf tube. For maximum protection, every set is carefully packaged within a silver-toned, crush-proof tin with the distinctive DinaFem logo emblazoned across the front.

At Gorilla Seeds, we always ship our beans in the original, factory sealed packaging so what you see is exactly what you get! No repackaging - and absolute no doubts as to what's inside. How great is that?

Don't Torture Yourself Any Longer - Order Your Own DinaFem Seeds Today!

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