Original Grand Daddy Purp

Accept No Substitutes!

Grand Daddy Purp

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but the sheer number of Original Grand Daddy Purp copycats is insane. Don't be taken in by one of the many fakes out there - get this stardusted miracle MMJ strain today. You know - the one that looks like someone got a little glitter happy or turned on the neon effects in Photoshop. But, in this case, looks are not deceiving. Buy your Original Grand Daddy Purp today!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Neon-Bright Purple
  • Highly Recommended MMJ
  • A Royal Indica
  • The Real Deal!
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Product Details

Try GDP Once & You'll Never Forget It!


Once you've tried Ken Este's Original Grand Daddy Purp once, you'll never forget its beauty, its smell, its taste & especially its power. This is undoubtedly the most imitated cannabis seed on the planet - and for good reason. This is true Cali fire here, my friend!


Original Grand Daddy Purp Seeds aren't the biggest yielders, but the quality is second to none. As the buds swell, they quickly reach maximum density with very little hair to get in the way of their signature crystal formation - they really do look like they've been dusted with bright-purple glitter - unbelievable, unreal & unmistakable are just a few words that come to mind.

  • Grand Daddy Purp is Asked for 6X More Often in Cali Collectives
  • Deep, Deep Purple Through & Through with Small Notes of Bright Green
  • Indica Dominant with Medium Yields & XXX-High Quality
  • Finishes as Early as 8 Weeks - But Often Requires More

Medical marijuana patients turn to these weed seeds for an unmatched level of nighttime relief. The Grand Daddy Purple strain is said to help even the most restless insomniac get 40 winks as well as ease almost any type of pain. If you're looking for certified MMJ, this is it!

There's no question that Original Grand Daddy Purps by Ken Estes is a world-renowned strain that sells out every single time a fresh batch hits the market, but that doesn't mean you have to pay a premium to get this standout. As long as we can keep 'em in stock, The Gorilla will personally see that you get the best prices on these beans and every other ganja seed this brand has to offer - all because he really loves purple.

Grab Your Original Grand Daddy Purp Seeds While the Grabbing is Good!


NB: Fancy trying an Original Grand Daddy Purps grow? Don't be a dummy - everyone knows that involves all kinds of illegal activity that could land you in the slammer. For now, collection is the word. Stay safe & keep 'em dormant.



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
THC V.Strong
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Physical Relief, Relaxation, Rest, Appetite
Yield Average
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Grand Daddy Purp is the signature strain that has brought so much attention to the Ken Este's Original Grand Daddy Purp brand. This highly acclaimed line has expanded with a wide variety of Indicas & Sativas including OG Kush, Blue Dream and Train Wreck. At this time, all Grand Daddy Purp Seeds are regular, but don't let that stop you from trying this brand. They're fabulous!