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Dutch Passion Snow Bud Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Snow Bud Feminized


Dutch Passion Snow Storm #2 Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Snow Storm #2 Feminized

With SnowStorm #2 on hand, you'll never suffer from cabin fever! Skunky, potent and sticky, this autoflowering cannabis seed stands up to the harshest weather!
Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Feminized

Productive, purple and relaxing, Strawberry Cough eases your mind and feeds your spirit! Leave your cares behind and lift your mood with Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds!
Dutch Passion Super Haze Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Super Haze Feminized


Dutch Passion Taiga Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Taiga Feminized


Dutch Passion Trance Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Trance Feminized

Once Trance Feminized casts her spell, there is no escaping her passionate embrace! But, who would want to? Buy this high-powered strain today!
Dutch Passion Tundra Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Tundra Feminized


Dutch Passion Twilight Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Twilight Feminized


Dutch Passion Ultimate Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Ultimate Feminized

A gourmet smorgasbord of top genetics, The Ultimate is Dutch Passion's crowning achievement! Act now and The Ultimate will be your smartest move, too!
Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk Feminized


Dutch Passion Voodoo Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion Voodoo Feminized


Take a trip into the shadowy backstreets of old New Orleans with Voodoo Feminized! As your very own Voodoo Queen, she'll quickly turn you into her willing slave!

Dutch Passion White Widow Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Passion White Widow Feminized

Think you have what it takes to tame the White Widow? Completely encased in frosted crystals and silvery hairs, the White Widow takes no prisoners!
Glueberry OG thumbnail

Glueberry OG

The Best American 3-Way You'll Ever Have!

Dutch Passion went all out with Glueberry OG! They combined America's 3 best strains, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4 & the legendary Blueberry for a THC-filled lovefest that can't be beat.

  • 8 Week Finish Inside
  • XL Yields - Highly Resinous
Glueberry OG Auto thumbnail

Glueberry OG Auto

(Gorilla Glue X OG Kush) X Auto Blueberry!

America's three favourite strains come together in a frenzy of resin & THC powered greatness to make Dutch Passion's new Glueberry OG Auto. She's every bit as good as her photoperiod sister, only way faster!

  • 11 Weeks from Seed!
  • Sativa Dominant Head Stash!
Night Queen thumbnail

Night Queen

Old-School Indica with 20% THC!

Night Queen is an incredibly strong 100% Afghani Indica that will give you a really heavy body buzz. A little bit goes a long way with this resin-covered strain.

  • Nearly Narcotic - Deep Body Stones
  • Short, Bushy & Dense - Beginner Friendly
Orange HIll Special thumbnail

Orange HIll Special

Cup-Winning Orange Skunk with 21% THC

New for 2016, Dutch Passion introduces their highest yielding & funkiest Orange Skunk to date. This one's a pleasure before the cut & way chill after. Enjoy!

  • Orange Bud & Californian Orange Genetics
  • Extremely Stable with a 9 Week or Less Finish
Think Different thumbnail

Think Different

Need Better Results? Think Different!

This potent autoflowering seed topped Dutch Passion's sales charts right out the gate & there's a very good reason - it's way different from any other AutoFem out there!

  • 16 to 18% THC - 10 to 11 Week Finishes
  • Up to 300 gr/seed if You Do It Right!
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