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Gamma Berry thumbnail

Gamma Berry

Concentrated Strawberry Jam Aroma - 28% THC!

If the scent of ripe strawberries makes you drool like Pavlov's dog, get you some Gamma Berry Seeds. This is a Bruce Banner #5 X Strawberry Diesel backcross for more yield, more strawberry aroma & more potency.

  • Balance Hybrid - Physical & Mental
  • High Yields & Thick Resin
Grandpa Larry thumbnail

Grandpa Larry

Over-the-Hill Never Felt So Good!

Grandpa Larry might sound old-school, but no dust is settling on this Larry OG Kush X Grand Daddy Purps blend. This is a fresh, new strain for 2015 with incredible power!

  • A Purple OG of the Highest Quality
  • Heavy Frost, Intense Lemon-Funk Aroma
Guerilla’s Gusto  thumbnail

Guerilla’s Gusto Regular

Only The Best Guerrilla Will Do!

Guerrilla's Gusto is the heaviest yielding, highest quality and guerrilla friendliest seed in Sensi Seeds catalogue. She's an Indian hybrid of the highest quality Indica & Sativas, with the strength and vigour of Skunk – no other Guerrilla Seed will do!
  • Guerrilla friendly
  • Regular Seeds
Hash Bomb thumbnail

Hash Bomb

Hash Bomb is a must have for Hash Lovers.Hash Bomb is everything 'hashy' you could want, only with more yield and a stronger THC thanks to the addition of Bomb #1 genetics. Bomb's Seeds crossed a powerful Hash Plant with new generation Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb #1. Flowering times for Hash Bomb are 6…
Heavy Duty Fruity thumbnail

Heavy Duty Fruity


Hell Raiser OG thumbnail

Hell Raiser OG


Hindu Kush Regular Seeds thumbnail

Hindu Kush Regular Seeds

This pure Indica seed-strain originates in the Hindu Kush - a mountain range that has been home to legendary cannabis varieties for centuries. Since being brought to the west, these seeds have been selectively bred over many generations, always within their own gene-pool; as a result, Hindu Kush is …
Honey B thumbnail

Honey B


Honey B is a Big yielding, 80% Sativa badass. Her gigantic colas take a little longer to mature than most Barney's seeds, but the sweet, fruity payload is worth the extra week or two.

  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 80% Super Sativa
Hulk Smash thumbnail

Hulk Smash

Happier Bruce Banner - 30% THC!

If Bruce Banner's extreme couchlock gets you down, release the beast with this balanced mixed hybrid by Dark Horse Genetics. Your old friend BB#4 is backcrossed with Original Strawberry Diesel for a more euphoric high.

  • Bruce Banner #3 X Strawberry Diesel
  • Superior Potency - Finishes in 63 to 70 Days
Ice Bomb thumbnail

Ice Bomb


Ice thumbnail

Ice Regular

Ice, quite simply, is a mix of notable breeds - legendary strains that came together to develop a champion. Nirvana Seeds Ice is a 1998 Cannabis Cup winner, and she's still just as potent. This hybrid packs a strong, head-trip with a lasting body buzz. The effect is a couch locking, medicinal-grade babe able to satisfy your every need.
Indoor Mix Regular Seeds thumbnail

Indoor Mix Regular Seeds

A mix of the Indicas and Skunks from Sensi's Indoor and Indoor/Greenhouse list - 25 cannabis seeds from up to 20 different varieties. It includes plenty of Sensi's hard-working Afghani and Skunk strains, and also some of their legendary, award-winning marihuana strains. Indoor Mix is great c…
Jack Flash Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jack Flash Regular Seeds

Jack Flash is an easy to grow Jack Herer hybrid made by crossing Sensi's Award Winning Jack Herer with their best Super Skunk and the original Haze father. The result is a fun and easy to grow Indica dominant cannabis hybrid that will do well in all types of growing mediums. This amazingly vigor…
Jamaican Pearl Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jamaican Pearl Regular Seeds

This is an outdoor cannabis hybrid of Sensi Seeds's Jamaican parent plant that was used to make Marley's Collie, with their best Early Pearl in order to produce an early flowering, mold resistant outdoor cannabis sativa hybrid. Jamaican Pearl has big, elongated "banana"-type buddin…
Jet 47 Autoflowering Regular Seeds - 8  thumbnail

Jet 47 Autoflowering Regular Seeds

Jet speed for the famous Kalashnikov strain! This has been reworked as an auto flowering strain and improved with some White Widow influences. Jet 47 carries the original taste of this great strain but just with more crystal resin glands than before. …
Kali Mist thumbnail

Kali Mist

Kali Mist is so awesome that the Serious Seeds' staff keeps this killer for their own personal stash. If that's not enough for you, how about this - Kali Mist Seeds won at HTCC in 1995 & again in 2000. The Gorilla Team can't get enough of this wicked smoke & you'll feel the same once you get your greedy mitts on this hardcore Sativa. Order now & find out just how good she is!
Kandy Kush thumbnail

Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush is another perfect hybrid created from West Coast generics. This incredible mix fuses OG Kush's intense medicinal power & top-notch flavour with Train Wreck's commercial yields & extreme frost. As one of the top crystal producers at Reserva Privada, these multi-award winning cannabis seeds will fill your stash & still have you begging for more.
Ken's Kush thumbnail

Ken's Kush

So Good Ken Named It After Himself!

Ken's Kush is the absolute best of the best if you're looking for medicinal grade smoke. It's get up & get moving herb with a crisp, clear pine flavour & absolutely no aftertaste.

  • Coated in Dense, Frosty, Deep Green Golfballs
  • Highly Potent - Prefers Organics
Ketama Regular Seeds thumbnail

Ketama Regular Seeds

This strain comes from the North of Morocco but was acclimatized to European latitudes at the beginning of the 1990s. This was a difficult task as it was accustomed to inert, stony soils in arid areas with dry climates. It doesn’t need much watering or fertilization to produce big resinous bud
Kilimanjaro Regular Seeds thumbnail

Kilimanjaro Regular Seeds

Kilimanjaro is a pure, early maturing, African sativa, that comes from the hillsides of the Kilimanjaro in Kenya. It is the result of some years of endogenous production by natives who call it “elephant killer”. It is used by them in religious rituals and hunting for its stimulating effe…
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