What is the Stealth Shipping Guarantee?

Like an insurance policy, our stealth shipping guarantee ensures that you will receive one additional shipment at no additional cost if your first shipment is lost in transit. We will also take extra steps to conceal the contents of your package from prying eyes.

    Additional terms include:

    • We reserve the right to repackage your seeds if we deem necessary based on the destination or to make them fit within our stealth packaging solutions.

    • Stealth Shipping entitles you to ONE free reship in the event your shipment is lost in transit.

    • The free reship WILL NOT APPLY if you provide us with an incorrect address that results in a lost shipment that is not returned to us.

    • The free reship WILL NOT APPLY if track & trace shows that your package was delivered to the shipping address associated with your order. Please address any losses at this point with your postal service. We DO NOT refund for packages lost in transit.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not purchase our stealth shipping guarantee, we WILL NOT replace your shipment should it be lost in transit.

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